Quality of Life

Rochester is a great city to live in. We can make it even better by creating open spaces for community gardens, hands-on educational and scientific exhibits, and artistic expression, as well as expanding operating hours for recreation centers and libraries.

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Helping the Least Fortunate

Progress has been made in taking care of our homeless population, but we still face challenges.  We can meet these challenges by following the Housing First approach recommended by the National Alliance to End Homelessness.

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Civil Liberties and Equal Rights

Each and every person, regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, religion or lack thereof, is entitled to the protection and enjoyment of their civil liberties, and equal rights under the law.

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Corporate Welfare

There are many ways to make Rochester a desirable place to own a business. The first step is to welcome all businesses, by not favoring some at the expense of others.

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Economic Development

Our plan for economic development will encourage the development of small businesses in Rochester. Small businesses provide the majority of jobs, and those jobs are all local.

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A Sustainable Local Economy

What we need can be produced locally and in a sustainable manner.  This will lead to a more equitable distribution of wealth, and protect us from future economic instability.

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Paying off our Debt

We currently pay $35 million every year in interest on our City’s debt. Every year we face a budget shortfall which makes it difficult to fund basic services. If we paid off our debt this would no longer be an issue.

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Public Safety and Police Accountability

Our citizens must be able to trust our city government and police force. Past policies have eroded this trust. We must rebuild the relationship between our police and those they serve.

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Term Limits

Term limits for the Mayor and City Council will give us better government.  When politicians make public office a lifetime career, they lose touch with the lives of the people.

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